Cupping is a 5,000 year-old therapy that uses suction cups to invigorate and remove stagnation in muscle tissue, organs, skin and fascia. 

  • When applied to the face, it can increase blood flow and promote the production of new collagen and elastin fibers as well as remove unhealthy patterns in the skin (i.e. wrinkles and frown lines!)

  • Cupping is remarkably effective at changing the look of cellulite by releasing the adhesions between the fat and fascia, allowing the body to metabolize the fat more easily.

  • Sore muscles and long-standing pain and stiffness can be alleviated in just a single cupping session.  Pain is a sign that there is deoxygenated blood and toxins stored in the tissue and cupping is the fastest way to invigorate the tissue and increase proper circulation to the area.

  • Chronic and acute lung conditions can be improved when cups are applied over the upper back.  The cups can assist in opening up the energy to the lungs and promote easier breathing.


A  MASSAGE AND CUPPING COMBINATION - A powerful and effective combination that reduces stubborn, chronic, long-standing aches and pains and toxic build-up in the body.   Cupping is a 5,000 year- old healing technique that uses suction cups to break up stagnant energy in the tissues and blood. 

60 minutes | $ 200             90 minutes | $ 275
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Combining ancient bathing and detoxification rituals with contemporary technology, this powerful treatment will leave you feeling completely relaxed and renewed.
  • STEP ONE-  30 minutes in our infrared sauna with color light therapy.  Far-, near- and mid- infrared waves deeply penetrate the tissues, increasing the body’s core temperature and promoting a cleansing sweat.

  • STEP TWO:  Aromatherapy dry brush:  Using a specially designed silicone scrubbing mitt, a detoxifying aromatherapy blend is applied using long, sweeping strokes to invigorate and exfoliate the skin.

  • STEP THREE:  Moroccan Beldi Soap:  Raw silk gloves (your gift to take home after the treatment!) are used in this traditional, skin exfoliating and softening treatment.  Your choice of Rose, Neroli and Eucalytus.

  • STEP FOUR:   Replenish and Nourish:  A seaweed-rich hydrating balm is gently  massaged into the skin.

90 minutes | $ 250              with Cupping | $ 270
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(Please call for an appointment with Gia DiMatteo)


In these private sessions, your licensed acupuncturist will assist you in addressing your health concerns and will guide you toward a healthier state of being. 


90 minutes | $ 180             with Cupping | $ 210
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(Please call for an appointment with Gia DiMatteo)


60 minutes | $ 120             with Cupping | $ 150
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THE CUPPING FACIAL - Cupping is an ancient massage technique that stimulates blood circulation, builds collagen and drains the lymph nodes, resulting in a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue. After a facial cleansing, cupping is done to avtivate the enzyme exfoliant. Merging exfoliation and massage reduces time without compromising results. To finish, skin specific serums are applied, after which skin is hydrated and protected. This treatment renders the face lifted, slim and taught and also helps with puffy eyes. The perfect pre-event treatment. 

30 minutes | $ 90 BOOK