RESONANCE is an holistic spa and wellness center located in the heart of Marin County. RESONANCE offers a unique combination of wellness and spa services such as SOUND THERAPY, ACUPUNCTURE, BODYWORK, INFRARED SAUNA, CUPPING and completely NATURAL FACIALS, using the cleanest and most effective skincare products available. Our facility, located at 26 TAMALPAIS DRIVE in CORTE MADERA is peaceful and beautiful and is an oasis in our hectic world. We look forward to seeing you soon at RESONANCE.

changing your mind about Wellness


changing your mind about wellness

ALL TREATMENTS include a COMPLIMENTARY therapeutic application of our CBD Cream.





Adaptogens are herbs, foods and other natural substances that help the body maintain balance under stress.  By assisting the ADRENAL GLANDS and other organs to “adapt” when overloaded, we can feel more at ease, especially when the stress is chronic and constant.. sound like anyone you know?  


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THE GUIDING PRINCIPLE in the space is the Japanese philosophy of


celebrating the authentic and evoking harmony, tranquility and balance. Intended to inspire and rejuvenate, our treatments and our products are all rooted in the Japanese word for beauty, UTSUKUSHI meaning " being loved".


I have become a regular at Resonance since right before they opened. With an extremely busy schedule and stressful job in technology I am thrilled to have found the Infrared Sauna with microsalt and LED color light therapy as my little hideaway from the world! It's an hour of love to my body and soul!  I have also recently discovered the Celluma LED Mini-Facial, which I love to pieces. Who wouldn't love a mini-facial and a 30 minute nap on a super-cozy massage bed all targeted at anti-aging, detox and beating those fine lines and wrinkles!  Of course I love that the products at Resonance are all holistic and plant-based, so my skin is very happy there too!
I have read some of the reviews here and I am a testament to say it is clear Gia (the owner) is also listening!  She is continuously making nips and tucks to deliver and enhance the services everyone seems to want from an oasis-like spa and wellness spot.

Alison C.

Incredibly beautiful, peaceful and well-appointed spa with a myriad of excellent treatments and skilled practitioners. They have cutting edge treatments, such as hydrofacials, acupuncture facials and an infrared sauna (much more comfortable than the average sauna) and an immersion lounge.

I experienced the "sound table" and acupressure in the immersion lounge, an all-senses experience that left me more relaxed and more peaceful than when I walked in.

The spa has clearly been created with a tremendous amount of care, which can be seen in even the smallest details. The cork floors, aside from being comfortable, create a quiet environment. The decor is is well done, and adds to the overall healing energy of this spa.

The product lines are extremely high quality; the rose serum alone is unlike anything I've ever experienced in a skincare line.

The thing I most like about Resonance Spa is its blend of cutting edge technology and good old fashioned healing practices. I've purchased a series of six 60-minute treatments and will add to my review once I've tried everything at this spa. Unless I'm too relaxed - then you're on your own.

Mary C.

A rare gem arrived in Corte Madera

The spa has a phenomenal mix of services and an emphasis on natural and organic products.  
I had my first cupping treatment at Resonance and I am a convert.  I carry all my tension in my shoulders, which makes them as hard as rocks.  One short treatment and they were as relaxed as if I'd spent a week on the beach.  

I appreciate their emphasis on overall wellness as opposed to one day of being treated like a princess.  

Spend some time in their sound therapy room with an acupuncture treatment, it's such a rejuvenating experience that it's difficult to explain.

The staff is both knowledgeable and nurturing.  

Don't think of it as treating yourself, think of it as caring for your wellness.

Dawn B.

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