Every massage at Resonance includes:

SOUND THERAPY TABLES - Our massage tables are equipped with speakers that deliver healing sound waves into your body.  A truly transformative experience.  TUNING FORK ENERGY BALANCING THERAPIES - Tuning forks are applied to specific energy centers on the body which helps you relax even deeper. CUSTOM AROMATHERY OIL BLENDS - We have created special aromatherapy blends to address a variety of issues including PAIN, HORMONAL BALANCING, DETOX and  STRESS RELIEF


Long, flowing moves will gently and effectively relax the nervous system, increase circulation and bring healing energy to the muscles and tissues in this deeply relaxing massage. Using healing intention and other techniques, your therapist will assist in balancing the energy centers. 

60 minutes | $ 150             90 minutes | $ 225
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Designed to release knots and dissolve adhesions between the tissues is what this massage is all about.  Pain, stiffness and soreness are  addressed using a variety of techniques leaving your muscles feeling relaxed and revitalized.  

60 minutes | $ 150             90 minutes | $ 225
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Combining ancient bathing and detoxification rituals with contemporary technology, this powerful treatment will leave you feeling completely relaxed and renewed.

  • STEP ONE-  30 minutes in our infrared sauna with color light therapy.  Far-, near- and mid- infrared waves deeply penetrate the tissues, increasing the body’s core temperature and promoting a cleansing sweat.

  • STEP TWO: Moroccan Beldi Soap:  Raw silk gloves (your gift to take home after the treatment!) are used in this traditional, skin exfoliating and softening treatment.  Your choice of Rose, Neroli and Eucalytus.

  • STEP THREE: Aromatherapy dry brush; a detoxifying aromatherapy blend is applied using long, sweeping strokes to invigorate and exfoliate the skin.
  • STEP FOUR:   Replenish and Nourish:  A seaweed-rich hydrating balm is gently  massaged into the skin.

90 minutes | $ 250              with Cupping | $ 270
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No online booking available. Please call 415.891.3328 for assistance making a reservation


    A  MASSAGE AND CUPPING COMBINATION:  A powerful and effective combination that reduces stubborn, chronic, long-standing aches and pains and toxic build-up in the body.   Cupping is a 5,000 year- old healing technique that uses suction cups to break up stagnant energy in the tissues and blood. 

    60 minutes | $ 200             90 minutes | $ 275
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    Uses both massage techniques and tiny needles to awaken the blocked energy in the meridians of the body.  Acupuncture combines beautifully with massage therapy in a dynamic treatment combination that aims to unwind unhealthy patterns by addressing the underlying physical and energetic imbalances of the body.   

    60 minutes | $ 225             90 minutes | $ 300
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    Accompanying you through all of the stages of pregnancy, delivery and your first year of motherhood.

    60 minutes | $ 150             90 minutes | $ 225
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