We all need it.  We’ve got you.
This is going to take a while.  Healing doesn’t happen overnight but your commitment to the process is a powerful event that will set the stage for a successful outcome.   We want to support you and your family on your path toward creating healthier, more functional lives.
We have designed effective holistic service packages that will help support you as you work toward your goals.  Holistic methods are not “magic bullets”.   The results are lasting, more sustainable and affect your entire bodymind.  
Take some breaths, make a plan, let’s get started!
We have created Series Packages for you
4 Treatments 15% Discount
8 Treatments 20% Discount
4 x 60 minute Treatment - regular $600 - series price $510
4 x 90 minute Treatment - regular $900 - series price $765
8 x 60 minute Treatment - regular $1200 - series price $960
8 x 90 minute Treatments - regular $1800 - series price $1440