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hydrafacial - what to do for best results

Hydrafacial is a deeply cleansing skin treatment that leaves your skin looking refreshed and luminous without down-time. While suitable for most skin types, its purpose is to renew the skin’s protective barrier which will temporarily leave your radiant new skin in a delicate state with possible normal after effects such as tingling sensations or a soft, reddish “glow”.

To maximize Hydrafacial’s benefits of brighter, smoother skin and to avoid more
serious effects, we recommend avoiding the following before and after your

3 months prior

  • STOP USING any products containing Isotretinoin, such as ACCUTANE

2 weeks prior

  • NO INVASIVE TREATMENTS such as IPL or micro-needling
  • AVOID any medium or deep chemical peels and dermal fillers

1 wek prior

  • NO BOTOX within (8) days of your HydraFacial
  • BOTOX may be scheduled on the SAME DAY but AFTER HYDRAFACIAL

3 days prior

  • NO TOPICALS with RETINOL or VITAMIN A or its derivatives for at least 72 hours before your treatment session.
  • AVOID SUN EXPOSURE. During the hours of 10 AM and 2 PM, be sure to wear a broad spectrum sunscreen (SPF 35 or higher) and a hat. We suggest a UVA and UVB ray protection of 50+ for fairer skin.

2 days prior

  • NO OTC acne medications containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.
  • NO WAXING or use of depilatories.
  • DO NOT EXFOLIATE or use products containing active enzymes or glycolic
  • acids.

what to do or avoid the day of your hydrafacial treatment

  • WASH w/GENTLE CLEANSER- Our gentle oil-to-milk facial cleanser or a milky cleanser. AVOID active or foaming cleansers can irritate your skin after treatment.
  • DO NOT SHAVE on the day of treatment. If you must shave, do not do so within three to four hours of your appointment.

You look amazing! To help minimize any sensitivities that may present after your
Hydrafacial, apply the following expert tips to your everyday care:

24 hours after treatment

  • USE FEWER PRODUCTS. Let the serums and botanicals of our products maximize your treatment benefits and minimize any down-time.
  • APPLY the products in our special *POST-FACIAL CARE package
  • AVOID MAKE-UP. Your pores are still open and make-up can harbor bacteria leading to irritations or breakouts.
  • DON’T PICK at SKIN. Flaking skin is a natural process and often follows deep cleaning. As the surface layer sloughs off, it reveals your new skin.
  • HANDS OFF! Don’t pop that small whitehead and blackhead that may emerge while your skin is still detoxing. Keep your hands off if you want a flawless look. Even if the facial expert did some extractions, disrupting your skin any further might cause irritation.
  • AVOID HEAT. Take a lukewarm shower or bath rather than a steaming hot one.
  • SKIP TONER. You’ve just had a deep cleanse and your skin’s pH is balanced. Using toners can disrupt the balance of your skin’s microbiome. Alcohol-based toners or those with exfoliating agents may result in dryness and irritation
  • SKIP THE GYM…for a day or two. Let your skin be calm and repair and your pores begin to close. Sweating will only add pollutants to your flawless face!