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Blissful body treatments inspired by the richness of Ayurveda, India’s ancient traditional medicine. Herb-infused oils specifically formulated for your constitution are warmed and applied to the body and scalp for purification and to bring about a complete sense of peace.

 All treatments include our exclusive topical CBD Remedies

60 minutes | $180       90 minutes | $ 260 


Warm, herb-infused oils are generously applied to the entire body using a series of strokes that vary from long and flowing to brisk and sweeping.  This powerful treatment is inspired by Ayurvedic Abyangha massage which is deeply relaxing to the nervous system while also invigorating to the lymphatic tissue, encouraging cellular and organ detoxification.


Shirodhara is a profoundly relaxing treatment that delivers a steady stream of warm, herb-infused oils over the forehead and scalp, bathing your third eye and nervous system in this deeply nourishing and calming treatment. 

Facial Marma as well as balancing hand and foot points are then gently massaged. 

An essential remedy for frayed nerves, insomnia, and fatigue from prolonged stress.

60 minutes | $180


A two hour, full-body experience that will completely restore your entire system to a balanced state.  The detoxifying and rejuvenating 2 or 4-hand Ananda Rhythmic Massage is followed by the deeply relaxing Ananda Repose and we recommend finishing with a 30 minute sweat in our Infrared Sauna.  The Ananda Full Body Ritual will leave you feeling completely renewed.




2hrs 15 min $ 420

(This treatment includes a 20% gratuity. If you would like to leave your practioner an additional tip they would be most appreciative. Should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please notify us at least 7 days in advance for this treatment.)
We recommend the Infrared Sauna Therapy as a preparation for any of our treatments and can be booked as an Add-on for 25 minutes
Please call to have added on to your treatment
25 minutes | $ 40        45 minutes | $ 60


the meridian quiet mind - 60 or 90 minutes

Our newest treatment offering was created to help you activate your inner healing
powerhouse. The MERIDIAN QUIET MIND includes the healing powers of sound therapy and acupuncture with a full head, neck and foot treatment to restore balance to your nervous system.

A full sensory experience, sound waves and aromatherapy oils envelop you as you begin the Quiet Mind journey. A complete foot reflexology treatment and exfoliating foot mask relaxes the entire body, softens the feet and initiates a gentle yet effective release of toxins. Acupuncture points to address HEAD, SLEEP or MOOD imbalances are placed gently on your body while a warm, continuous stream of aromatherapy-infused water bathes your third eye. Drift deeply inward and allow your bodymind to enjoy complete rest. After you emerge from your “acupuncture nap” and third eye bath, your therapist will treat your scalp and hair to an exfoliating and conditioning mask while using sound therapy, gua sha,
acupressure and massage techniques to completely relax your muscles and remove any tension from your face, head and neck. After a warm shower to rinse hair, enjoy some tea in our guest lounge and glide into the rest of
your day or evening feeling calm and renewed. Your mood, sleep and immunity will improve and you will feel calm and clear throughout your day.

Choose from the following three treatment-focus options:
headaches, chronic migraines, eye strain, tech-related head and neck strain
chronic or acute insomnia, jet-lag, circadian rhythm imbalances
anxiety, depression, seasonal and hormonal mood irregularities

60 minutes | $ 180       90 minutes | $ 260