Sometimes our bodies get stuck in a rut and need a little help to get into healthier patterns.  Maybe you have been nursing a chronic low back injury for months, or you keep getting sick every few weeks during the cold and flu season.  Or, you have been working on improving your sleep hygiene and just can’t seem to get a full night’s rest. Whatever the reason, acupuncture can help your body re-tune itself to a new and healthier rhythm.    

Whenever we want to make meaningful changes happen in our lives, the best and most lasting results come from giving regular, consistent energy and attention to re-route old behaviors into new, healthier ones.

Adding regular acupuncture treatments will support your system to do exactly that.  Acupuncture needles energize specific points on the body that communicate with your internal organs and systems to activate its innate healing powers.  One of the best things about this ancient system of medicine is, no matter what is being treated, your parasympathetic nervous system will be activated, and your sympathetic nervous system will be deactivated.  The parasympathetic nervous system governs your digestive, nervous, reproductive, immune, detoxifying, elimination and all systems related to healing and body restoration.  That means there is no downside to committing to regular acupuncture treatments because it will always help your body support itself to be healthy.  

Combining acupuncture treatments with massage therapy and cupping dramatically increases the benefits of each modality.  One obvious reason is that when the body and nervous system are fully relaxed after a massage, it is more receptive to the activation of energy at the acupuncture points.  When the condition is muscular-skeletal, there is no better treatment combination than massage with cupping and acupuncture to dramatically increase the healing in far fewer treatments than with massage or acupuncture or cupping alone.

If you are trying to create new, healthy patterns, give weekly acupuncture a try to bring even more attention to your intention.