Warning, Soothing Amethyst Infrared Mats 


Snuggle up on a warm, soothing infrared mat anytime you need to reboot your body’s healing potential:  Daily infrared therapy is the ideal way to prevent illness, promote detoxification, improve mood, and treat aches and pains anywhere in the body.

Here’s how it works:

The Mat:

Infrared heating coils are layered underneath a thick layer of amethyst and tourmaline gemstones that have a special ability to generate an electric charge and transmit far-infrared photons, alpha waves, and negative ions into the body.  


Far-Infrared Waves:

Far-infrared waves are invisible waves of energy that can penetrate the deepest tissues of the body including muscles, joints, blood vessels, organs, and bones to soothe, warm and detoxify.   Far Infrared waves allow the blood vessels to relax and dilate which improves circulation and can help to restore normal blood pressure levels.  Improved circulation also increases oxygen levels in the body which assists in cellular and tissue regeneration and speeds healing and recovery from injury.


Negative Ions:

Famous for creating “positive vibes”, negative ions are invisible particles that are present in natural places like beaches, waterfalls, and forests.  When inhaled, they enter the bloodstream and may increase serotonin levels in the brain which can exert a positive influence on our mood, help to alleviate stress and increase energy levels.


How to use the mat:

  • Rest, Recovery, Regeneration:  Sleep, recovery from illness, jet lag, digestion, headaches/migraines, immune boosting

35-40 degrees C, safe for extended use, any time of day.

  • Cardiovascular/Respiratory Health + Athletic Recovery + Hormone Regulation:  Great for managing blood pressure, assisting with blood sugar balancing, PMS and menopausal symptoms, allergies, and asthma.

45-50 degrees C, cycles of 2 hours or more

  • Stress + Anxiety + Pain Relief:  Profoundly relaxing, helps to shift mood and release natural pain killers by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system.

        131-140 degrees F, 30-90 minutes

  • Detoxification + Weight Management:  Simulates a sauna session and promotes serious sweating and detoxification.  Great for assisting the organs to release heavy metals and cellular waste products, improving skin’s appearance, and increasing energy levels.   For increased sweating, cover up with a cotton blanket.

149-159 degrees F, 30-60 minutes.

Common sense cautions:

  • Drink plenty of room temperature water!  Adding at least 2 liters of water per day will help your body remove toxins and replenish lost fluids.
  • Wear thin cotton garments (no synthetics) when using your infrared mat.  Protect the mat by using the mat cover (included) and with a thick cotton sheet when sweating.
  • Avoid temperatures over 42 degrees C for more than 90-minutes if pregnant or if you have a pacemaker.
  • If you are under the care of a physician for any serious health condition, please seek their advice before using.
  • Do not use it with fast growing tumors or serious skin injuries.