As a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and therapeutic massage practitioner, I have been advocating for the well-being of my clients and community members for over 20 years. My love for learning about and teaching naturally health-promoting practices is my life’s work and Resonance Spa and Wellness is the fulfillment of my dream:
To create a healing place where practitioners, therapists and wellness artists can work together and share their wealth of knowledge with others…
We are all social beings and need each other’s guidance, love and support in order to reach our potential. I decided to embark on this project because I saw a need in Marin County for an “epicenter” of health and wellness. We are a highly educated, informed and engaged community that is motivated to look and feel our best. Opening a multi-disciplinary holistic wellness spa in the heart of Marin County felt like a natural fit!
 Resonance is exceptional in that we are a team of dedicated wellness advocates working together to create programs and plans that are designed to improve energy, vitality, longevity and overall quality of life. We believe in a layered approach to health and our services are a collection of best practices from my own clinical experience and those of our team. Our products have been personally vetted and meet my own personal and very high quality standards. These are some of our distinctive services:
featuring Acupuncture, Sound Therapy Loungers and Herbal Elixirs
The HydraFacial MD Elite
Cupping Therapy
Plant and Food-Based Medicines
Therapeutic Massage
Naturally Result-Oriented Facials and Skincare
Infrared Sauna Therapy
that includes Color-Light, Sound and Micro-Salt Inhalation Therapies
Retail Boutique offering the finest in Aromatherapy, Natural and Organic Skincare, Nutritional Supplements, Organic Teas and Tisanes
 Resonance Spa and Wellness is a destination for holistic spa and wellness services and our beautiful new facility has been finely tuned for your comfort and enjoyment. We love sharing our passion for healthy living and we look forward to seeing you here soon.
Gia DiMatteo, LAc.
(Please call for an appointment with Gia DiMatteo)