PRECISE PEELS | 30 minutes | $ 120 BOOK

THE ULTIMATE QUICK SKIN FIX to help lessen the appearance of blemishes, hyperpigmentation, light scaring, sun damage and congestion. Allow our aestheticians to custom blend a peel to address specific concerns such as acne, brightening or texture. Each peel combines lactic, salicylic and glycolic acids with the addition of either Vitamin C or pro-retinol. Post peel the skin is drenched in serum, hydrated and protected. Recommended in a series of 6 or as a boost to your regular facial maintenance program. Brightening Peel for normal or combination skin, Blemish Peel for oily blemish prone skin, Hydrating Peel for dry or mature skin.                                                                          

QUICK QUENCH | 30 minutes | $ 90 BOOK

THE HYDRATING MASK FACIAL - Comfort and soothe dry, sensitive skin. Skin is gently exfoliated under steam, followed by a hydrating sheet mask. A layer of Hyaluronic Serum is applied with a cooling massage using chilled derm-a-globes and finally hydrated and protected.                                                          

QUICK CUPS | 30 minutes | $ 90 BOOK

THE CUPPING FACIAL - Cupping is an ancient massage technique that stimulates blood circulation, builds collagen and drains the lymph nodes, resulting in a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue. After a facial cleansing, cupping is done to acvtivate the enzyme exfoliant. Merging exfoliation and massage reduces time without compromising results. To finish, skin specific serums are applied, after which skin is hydrated and protected. This treatment renders the face lifted, slim and taught and also helps with puffy eyes. The perfect pre-event treatment. 

QUICK CURRENTS | 30 minutes | $ 90 BOOK

THE MICROCURRENT FACIAL -Microcurrent gloves emit an extremely low-voltage electrical current to the skin that mirrors your own body’s electrical current, repairing damaged skin and stimulating collagen and elastin production on a cellular level.  The skin is prepared by cleansing and gently exfoliating, then a hydrating conductive mask is applied prior to the  application of current, resulting in plumped skin with restored contours.  For optimal results we recommend a series of 6 treatments performed weekly.

QUICK LIGHTS | 30 minutes |  $ 90 BOOK

THE LED FACIAL - LED light is applied which exposes the skin to wavelengths of light that are scientifically proven to stimulate fibroblasts which increase collagen and elastin, improving skin’s texture, quality and smoothness. For optimal results we recommend a series of 6 treatments performed weekly.


QUICK PLUMP  | 30 minutes | $ 60 BOOK

A 30-minute targeted treatment.  Relax in our Meridian Sound Lounge while needles are placed in a single area of focus such as“11’s”, frown lines, crows feet or sagging jowels.  This express session will enhance collagen and elastin production and reduce the appearance of deep or superficial lines.  Also, an excellent add-on to any of our facials. 
RECOMMENDED FREQUENCY:  1 to 2 times per week


GENTLEFLOW  | 30 minute | $ 75 BOOK     

Long, flowing moves will gently and effectively relax the nervous system, increase circulation and bring healing energy to the muscles and tissues in this deeply relaxing massage. ALL TREATMENTS INCLUDE A COMPLIMENTARY THERAPEUTIC APPLICATION OF OUR E2 CBD CREAM.         

DEEP RELIEF | 30 minute | $ 75 BOOK

Designed to release knots and dissolve adhesions between the tissues is what this massage is all about.  Pain, stiffness and soreness are  addressed using a variety of techniques leaving your muscles feeling relaxed and revitalized.  ALL TREATMENTS INCLUDE A COMPLIMENTARY THERAPEUTIC APPLICATION OF OUR E2 CBD CREAM.