Every Session involves myofascial trigger point therapy followed by adjustments that are performed to shift alignment as gently or strongly as preferred.

Your posture will be analyzed and recommendations will be made to help develop healthier habits. Specific asana, exercises and other tools will be executed during the session to open and strengthen muscle tissue. These and other practices will be developed for your ongoing use between sessions.

Each chiropractic treatment at RESONANCE is customized to suit your specific needs. Our menu options serve as a guide to help you discover how Chiropractic care can help you thrive.


Soothes and alleviates acute pain and trauma from stress, injuries and over-exertion. Poor posture is a major cause of pain and discomfort. Education and realignment promote proper structural balance.

Initial Consultation & Treatment | 60 minutes | $200 BOOK

Follow Up Treatment | 60 minutes | $ 200 BOOK

Follow Up Treatment | 30 minutes | $ 125 BOOK

A quick tune-up, designed to address acute pain that may arise in between regular treatments. We recommend our Infrared Sauna Therapy before a SIMPLY ADJUST to prepare you for your treatment

Simply Adjust | 15 minutes | $ 85 BOOK