What are ADAPTOGENS?  And why we should all care
 Adaptogens are herbs, foods and other natural substances that help the body maintain balance under stress.  By assisting the ADRENAL GLANDS and other organs to “adapt” when overloaded, we can feel more at ease, especially when the stress is chronic and constant... sound like anyone you know?  
Adaptogenic herbs and fungi such as ASHWAGANDHA, REISHI, CORDYCEPS and HE SHOU WU are best used daily to tone and nourish these hard-working systems and protect us from burning out.  
Here are a few ways in which these prized plants have been used throughout the ages to support health and longevity:

ASHWAGANDHA - The Most revered Ayurvedic herb for longevity and vitality:  Promotes restful sleep, invigorates the mind, strengthens bones and joints, supports healthy sex drive

REISHI - The Queen of Immunity:  Strongly supports the entire immune system making this mushroom indispensible during cold, flu and allergy season.  Also support a healthy heart by regulating blood pressure.

CORDYCEPS - Breathe Deeply:  Increases lung capacity, provides deep lung and immune support and supports the kidneys and adrenal glands.   Great for asthma,  cough, bronchitis, endurance sports, preventing and shortening colds and flus.

HE SHOU WU - Best known as a “Jing” or life force tonic in Taoist theory, He Shou Wu is synonymous with longevity and vitality. It increases libido and helps prevent graying well into old age.   This adaptable herb nourishes the blood, kidneys and adrenal glands and is considered one of the best to support overall health.

RESONANCE has created a blend of organic herbs, spices and medicinal mushrooms that help the body manage stress and support longevity. We offer these powerful adaptogenic compounds in three combinations

Paste one serving with a few drops of hot water and then pour hot steamed milk over the paste to make a soothing Adaptogen latte or simply sprinkle over cereal, blend with a smoothie or add to your favorite baked goods recipe.
Here a few of our favorite combinations
Our CACAO ANANDAMIDE with spices as well as adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms. Topped with steamed whole milk or almond milk foam
ESPRESSO is whisked together with our CACAO ANANDAMIDE and topped with a steamed milk of your choice
Our MATCHA ANANDAMIDE is whisked together and topped with a steamed milk of your choice
Our GOLDEN ANANDAMIDE is whisked together with a teaspoon of ghee and topped with a steamed milk of your choice. Add a little MATCHA ANANDAMIDE for a boost.
We like to finish off our latte with a sprinkle of rose petals and pink himalayan salt
The GRASSHOPPER TOPPER - your choice of milk foamed with 1/4 teaspoon of MATCHA ANANDAMIDE and a teaspoon of Ghee