RESONANCE was created to be a haven for our community’s collective wellbeing and we are continually developing practices, methods and products that will help you feel more balanced.

We invite you, our friends and patrons, to share your experiences with us as you journey through your life’s challenges and triumphs.  

RESONANCE TALKS with EXPERTS is our series of workshops which feature leading experts in the fields of health and wellbeing.  These fun and inspiring events are available live and online and are an excellent opportunity to share in some of the practices that we incorporate in our work and lives.

Ancient cultures have self-care rituals built into their traditional medicine, diet, exercise and everyday hygiene. These practices are meant to support our systems and prevent illness and premature decline. Borrowing from other people and traditions helps us navigate the ever-changing landscape of nutrition and wellness “trends” and is essential for our individual growth.

AYURVEDA is the traditional medicine of India and is primarily a system of practices that are performed daily using simple and accessible ingredients often found in one’s own kitchen cupboard. The daily rituals of self-massage, scalp treatments, invigorating body scrubs and oil treatments are not only simple to perform, they are nourishing, grounding and are an extremely pleasurable way to start or end the day. They connect us to nature through the use of ingredients that come from the earth, which subtly reminds us that we are all a part of a greater, supportive world.

premiering this coming weekend, Dec 1st, 2018


As we all know, simplicity is usually born out of much practice and experimentation and it takes a master to make something look easy. Fortunately for us, we will be joined on a monthly basis by Ragaia Belovarac, founder of The Blue Sage Sanctuary in Nevada City. Ragaia is a long time student, practitioner and educator of Ayurvedic philosophy and medicine and will be sharing his expert knowledge of these beautiful and powerful self-care rituals from Ayurveda. Each month Ragaia and Pema Leigh, the lead practitioner at the retreat center, will join Resonance for Ultimate Self-Care weekends.

Saturday, December 1st from 3pm to 5pm
This fun and informative mini-retreat will feature

explaining Ayurvedic philosophy and how to apply its practices and principles to improve our mental, physical and spiritual health.

Ragaia and Pema will demonstrate abbreviated versions of some simple self-care rituals, which you can immediately begin to use in your daily life.

Sunday, December 2nd from 10am to 5pm

Ragaia will be conducting private, individual consultations that will allow for a deeper exploration of your very own constitution, its possible imbalances and how to generate greater health through diet and daily practices

Our very own body treatments inspired by Ayurveda, will be performed all day by our highly trained professionals as well as our featured guest practitioner Pema Leigh of The Blue Sage Sanctuary