Cleanse Face and Hands. 

After drying the face with a clean washcloth, generously mist your face with

E2 MOISTURE ESSENCE SPRAY with hyaluronic acid and ceramides.  These ingredients will attract even more moisture into the skin and allow the oil to absorb.   Now apply 1-2 pumps of E2 SERUM of choice (PROTECT, HYDRATE, CLARIFY or PLUMP)

Apply E2 PROTECT FACIAL OIL. Distribute 1-2 pumps into palms and then press the oil onto to the face and neck, beginning at the forehead and moving down to the neck, activating lymphatic tissues.   You may need to add a little more oil during your session.

WARM YOUR GUA SHA TOOL. Rubbing it between your hands warms the stone and distributes the small amount of residual oil onto it.

SWEEP UP YOUR CHEST AND NECK. Starting at the decolette, Sweep gently up to the neck.  Then move from the neck to the chin being extra careful around the front of the neck.


SWEEP UNDER CHIN TO EARLOBE:  With a flattened tool, sweep from the center of your face to the back of your earlobe, holding your chin with your free hand to tighten skin.

SWEEP FROM THE CENTER OF CHIN OVER JAWLINE:  Using the edge of the tool, sweep tight jaw muscles along the entire jaw bone from chin to earlobe spending as much time here as needed.  Great for TMJ tension.

SWEEP UNDERNEATH AND OVER YOUR CHEEKBONE:  In two separate moves, sweep from both underneath and on top of the cheekbone to the hairline near the temples using a lifting motion to guide excess fluids away and encourage muscles to lift. 

VERY GENTLY SWEEP UNDER YOUR EYES. Moving from the inner eye toward the outer eye, gently guide excess fluids away toward the temples.  

SWEEP OVER THE EYEBROW OUT TOWARD THE HAIRLINE AND UPOVER FOREHEAD:   Finishing at the hairline and moving in sections, these moves help to lift the muscles over the eyelids.

SWEEP FROM BETWEEN THE EYEBROW:   Using horizontal and vertical strokes, erase tension and “11’s”

SWEEP FROM THE MIDDLE OF THE FOREHEAD OUT TO THE HAIRLINE:   Use long, sweeping moves from the middle of the forehead all the way through the hairline, behind the ear and down the neck.  This relaxes the entire forehead and scalp.


GUIDE FLUIDS DOWNWARD TO THE NECK. When you’ve finished the other side of your face, finish the treatment by sweeping down the neck to the collarbone


OPTIONAL BUT AMAZING:  Using the edge of the Gua Sha, massage the entire scalp and back of the neck using short, back-and-forth movements.  This is both relaxing and energizing and stimulates the  scalp to promote healthy hair.